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fitting in is a failure.
In a busy marketplace,
not standing out is the
same as being invisible."

Seth Godin

The Slay Era of Content Marketing: Your Guide to Scroll-Stopping Content


April 12, 2023 · 13 min read

Whether you’re a bonafide scroll addict, or hold a PHD in maturity and think you’re above it (bombastic side-eye), let’s be honest, we’ve all learnt a thing or (10000) from TikTok. Dance moves, Capcut templates and daily vlogs aside, whatever your algorithm is feeding you, TikTok has undeniably written the book when it comes to creating scroll-stopping content.

The golden-age, or better yet ✨slay era✨ of content marketing is happening before our eyes, and if you’re yet to make your debut in the world of TikTok marketing, sorry to say it, but you are truly missing out.

FOMO is retrospect’s greatest ally however, and while you’d definitely be erring on the side of fashionably late at this stage, don’t panic as there’s no time like the present to whip out the old iphone camera and take the TikTok world by storm.

While some have a natural flair for creating Tik Tok magic, and navigating the moving feast,  to quote the Jenners in their latest Menulog TikTok campaign, we do believe that almost *almost* anyone has what it takes to get the ball rolling on the platform. Despite popular opinion, with a bit of luck, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, so it’s time to get cracking.

For the naysayers who need a little more convincing however (seriously yawning at this stage), we’d hate to break it to you, but the Tik Tok train is bound for glory, and a reluctance to jump on board will leave you eating the dust of competitors taking advantage of the platform.

With micro-influencers said to be hitting the 18% mark when measuring engagement rates, it really comes as no surprise why we’ve seen businesses flocking to the app in droves, and really we don’t blame them – power to the people!

So, how do you capitalise on the endless content opportunities when using TikTok? We thought you’d never ask! Behold, our very own Base Bible detailing all you need to become content kings and queens – yes that’s right, Tik Tok may have written the book, but we’re calling dibs on the bible… And Anna Paul is certainly shaking in her boots right now.

Tip no. 1: It all starts with a good hook 

When it comes to short-from content, you’ve really got no time to muck around. With videos lasting anywhere from 15-60 seconds, time really is of the essence… some would even say the clock is tik toking…. If you want to capture your audience’s fleeting attention and land a spot on the coveted FYP, you have to pull out all the stops as early as you can. 

But how do you do this? Well, it’s all in the hook. Hook by name, hook by nature, we don’t want to sound dramatic but opening strong could mean the difference between a viral hit, and a lacklustre-0-view flop. You have to give the viewer a reason to stay on your video, and not continue scrolling in pursuit of the latest dance moves, and trending audios. 

There’s a million ways to capture your audience, be it an impressive transition, an eye-catching visual, some punchy copy or even an attention-grabbing voice over. It really depends on the content you are creating. One thing for certain though, by nailing the hook, this will lead to increased video watch time, and a higher video completion rate, meaning you can bask in the glory of views, engagement and traffic galore. 

So what are some killer hooks? If a text overlay is your style, some of our faves include (but certainly aren’t limited to…)

  • “Watch till the end!” 

This one’s simple but oh boy is it effective. Calling a spade a spade, you’re basically forcing your viewers to continue watching!

  • “This one is for _______”

There’s nothing better than a video that feels like it’s made for you. By personalising your copy to suit a specific audience, this creates a fun way to keep that group engaged with your content.  

  • “Hear me out….”

Tik Tok has proven time and again that no one has ever had an original thought (ever). Chances are your own internal monologue has already been echoed on the platform by complete strangers. By relating to your audience and building a connection with them, those that resonate are bound to watch to the end… and share to all their friends who inevitably feel the same.

If you’re someone that can talk underwater, perhaps reeling your audience in with a voice over is more your style, and again the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to capturing audience attention. Some we continue to fall back on include:

  • “You need to hear this!”

Let’s be real, curiosity can get the better of all of us… and it’s no wonder that it killed the cat. The point being, opening with something that leaves your audience on the edge of their seat, wondering what you’re going to say next, is an almost foolproof method of capturing your audience hook line and sinker!

  •  “How to get ___ FOR FREE”

It’s no secret that we’re all suckers for a freebie, and there’s no better way to get the hairs on your audience’s ears to stand than gently whispering those magic 4 letters. Need we say more?

  •  “This tip will blow your mind…” or ‘_____tips I wish I knew earlier”

Someone wise once said that knowledge is no burden to carry and chances are most people are open and willing to learn something new, especially when you hook them in with a compelling reason to stick around and listen!

Tip no. 2: Cater to short attention spans 

Piggy-backing off our first tip, this one should be a no brainer, but your content needs to be short and sharp! With data suggesting that a consumer’s attention span is now a measly 8 seconds, it’s no wonder that Tik Tok has become the ‘IT girl’ of the digital landscape – or rather, is it the culprit for this embarrassingly low statistic?

Blame game aside, the platform’s short-form content style has been designed to complement our real-time thinking, and no one is going to hang around for snooze-worthy material (no offence). With the algorithmic wizards working overtime, to reward content that engages audiences, brands really need to cut to the chase when it comes to creating content.

Tip no. 3: Be strategic with hashtags 

If you think hashtags only work for Instagram, then you’d be sorely mistaken! Hashtags are a fundamental part of creating viral content on TikTok, so you’re going to want to be heeding this advice. 

Strategic hashtagging groups like content together on the platform, and allows relevant users to find your content with ease. To put this into context, not dissimilar to Google, someone searching for the hashtag #marketing will be immersed in what feels like hours of scrolling content related to marketing. 

Businesses can also capitalise on trending hashtags, allowing more users to discover and engage with their content. A hot tip when starting out, is seeing what’s already popping-off using the search functionality on the app, and capitalising on these tags – after all they’re trending for a reason! And who knows, by being strategic in your choice of hashtags this may be the missing jigsaw piece needed  to make you an overnight sensation!

On this point though, I think a disclaimer is necessary. We’re not saying that you NEED to go and develop a full-scale hashtag campaign to achieve TikTok stardom, nor are we guaranteeing immediate (or any) success using this strategy – because really, is anything 100% guaranteed? No, but let’s not get deep here. 

What we ARE saying is that by doing some research, albeit anecdotal – any excuse to scroll right? into what’s trending at the time, this will allow businesses to start to reach more targeted audiences, build a community of like-minded people, and increase overall visibility on the platform. Who knew the old hashtag would be so powerful?

Tip no. 4: Trending audio pays dividends!

What we know to be resoundingly true, is that audio really is the backbone of the platform, and it goes without saying, that TikTok tunes certainly do the heavy lifting when it comes to amassing viral success. 

From renditions of popular songs and lip syncing, to dance challenges and bizarre sound effects, entertainment value aside, TikTok audio can be instrumental in generating strategic growth on the platform (no pun intended). 

While it is possible to  craft your own original audio to complement your videos (and extra points if you are one of the lucky ones whose track becomes the sounding board for the next big trend), BUT if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Making use of the already existing viral tunes which exist on the platform (and continue to grow), will certainly hold you in good stead when generating traction for your content and boosting performance. 

Simply select an audio from the sound library, or save a sound from another video. Much like hashtags, all videos using the same audio get saved together so users can easily see your video amongst others, which is why using an already popular tune works so well.

Tip no. 5: Consistency is Key

Our final tip is nothing revolutionary, however its importance is not to be underestimated. You’ve heard it all before…. Consistency, consistency, consistency blah blah blah, but seriously, TikTok is a long-game, and you’ve got to keep up appearances if you have to reap the benefits. By remaining vigilant with your posting schedule, TikTok’s algorithm will begin to recognise your account as a voice of authority for your particular niche, and begin to serve content to your ideal audience – so it really is a no brainer, if the platform is literally throwing you a bone in exchange for regular content. 

What’s important to keep in mind though, is that consistency goes beyond frequently sharing videos. We’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that in itself won’t cut the mustard unfortunately. Consistency means you’re keeping on top of trends, it means replying and engaging with your community, sprinkling in keywords in your copy…. the list goes on – point being, you’ve got to keep on top of the whole kit and kaboodle to experience success on the platform. There’s really no shortcuts here, so sorry to disappoint.

Sure, the OG bible may have a few more chapters in it, but when it comes to TikTok content marketing, we reckon five hits the sweet spot. Nail these, and you’ll be well on your way to  capturing the hearts (and likes) of your audience.