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"In a crowded marketplace,
fitting in is a failure.
In a busy marketplace,
not standing out is the
same as being invisible."

Seth Godin

Mastering your Marketing: Nailing your Target Audience 


May 17, 2022 · 5 min read

When it comes to effective marketing, while not as exciting as it’s made out to be, you have to nail the basics.

Today’s blog covers all things – target audience. While this isn’t a revolutionary topic, it comes as a timely reminder that having a well established target audience is essential for marketing success. As simple as it is, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to look further into why a target audience is integral to every business’ marketing strategy. After all there’s no point in having an awesome product with a brand message to match if the audience that matters most aren’t hearing about it!

In some respects, defining your target audience can be one of the most challenging stages in your marketing strategy. These are the common groups of people who share a vested interest in your brand and as such, are the most likely to repeatedly buy from you. While it sounds counterintuitive, you don’t actually want to appeal to everyone! The size of your audience doesn’t have to be huge to yield a profitable return!

An easy way to think about target audiences is like a trusty map. A steadfast companion which (usually) leads us from A to B. We have all been in the situation on a road trip however, when reception is down, and google maps have failed us. Long gone are the days of whipping out a refidex, and essentially we are left driving aimlessly until maps eventually re-routes us, or a sign points us in the right direction. The point we are trying to make, is that we rely on a map to provide clear direction in our journey. 

The same logic can be said for establishing your target audience. While Google maps cannot be used to uncover your target audience and lead you in the right direction (sorry if this comes as a shock to anyone), ensuring a well thought out and clearly defined target audience is essential, if you want to avoid driving blind. While developing your target audience does require some careful thought, having clear structure also seeks to mitigate wrong turns and missed exits, thus contributing to a seamless journey. 

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all approach and each business needs to develop their own unique audience. Keep reading to hear why we think careful construction of your target audience is so important with respect to your marketing strategy.

Tailoring your content to the likes of your audience 

It seems logical that audiences will show interest in your content, if they care about you as a brand. Because of this, the content you share should be tailored to the likes of your target audience. 

Your content style, copy and creative can provide valuable insight into your primary audience’s interests; what they like and dislike, pain points which are established when purchasing from your brand… the list goes on. Ultimately, a strong brand voice can be developed through the content you share, which can be effective in creating a well-defined target audience.  Taking care in the content you produce is therefore important when developing your niche audience, and in some respects does the hard work for you.  We recommend having a look at the people who are already following and buying from you. This data can be used to narrow your target audience based on demographics and interests. You can literally build a picture of your core customer! 

Knowing who your target audience is saves you money!

We all love hearing tips which will save you money! Having a clear understanding of who your target audience is takes away the guesswork, meaning your bank account is spared from forking out budget on audiences who aren’t interested in your brand. When running Facebook ads for example, you don’t want to be wasting money on people who won’t resonate with your values, and have no intention to purchase from you. Don’t let the size of your audience trick you into thinking this will compromise success, as at the end of the day, this niche audience is going to be the group who purchase from you. In this respect big things do come in small packages!

Improves time efficiency and creates consistency

In a time poor society, everyone is searching for a quick and easy way to nail their marketing strategy. Having a core target audience takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy which means content is easy to produce, and you nail every time. Consistency is key and having a good grasp of your primary buyer puts you in an advantageous position, to speak to your audience in the language they understand. 

So, are you ready to embark on the (figurative) road trip of a lifetime? Nail the target audience journey by planning ahead, and equip yourself with your trusty map so you know exactly where you are heading! By planning effectively, you’ll be able to take the scenic route and enjoy the journey ahead.